Mobile Security Barrier
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Mobile Security Barrier JT-IRPBC Series
Our security barrier is fully automactic in putting out and pulling back the barrier fence. Only one to two persons (excluding the driver) are required to complete the task. The task can be completed within 5 minutes. Maximum fence length is 75 meters.
Usage Description:
1.The front car hauls the tail car to designated site; opening its tailgate and setting up the barrier with a total length of 60M~75M. After the setup, the front car can leave immediately. Shall the riot site be too broad to be fully blocked by one IRPBC, more IRPBCs can be used to achieve the best controlling aim.
2.Withdraw: Front car pushes the tail car backwards making the razor barbed tape/wire to go back to the tail car automatically without any man-help until the tailgate has been put back to place. Operation is fast and easy. It is indeed a great and up to date mobile barricading product.
Areas of Use:
Forms a security barrier for National Defense, protest & riot control, coastline defense against enemy army, barricade for accident sites, and blockage for road construction, or important entrances & exits, etc.
Product Characteristics and Advantages:
  1. Easy and fast to operate, only 2 men are required to set up and retrieve the barrier fence, which saves on the human resource.
  2. No presence of any mechanical power, electricity, battery, motor, or engine, which prevents possible mechanical problems caused by mechanical breakdown, battery shortage, motor failure, or engine malfunction. In addition to that, it also prevents rioters from setting up fires by damaging the mechanical parts, battery, etc., and thus eliminates the safety concerns.
  3. High mobility. Set up& withdraw can be done in 3~5 minutes. Besides, the front car can haul any tail car. Tail car and front car can be separated, this way, the usage value of the vehicle will not be limited to only a forever-attached vehicle.
  4. Razor Barbed Tape/Wire:height of approx. 1.7M, width of approx. 1.6M. After setting up, forming a barricading wall. With its razor-sharp ends, it prevents rioters to make physical contact with this razor-sharp barrier-fence, thus achieving its barricading aim.
  5. High barricading value. Suitable for sudden or planned riots and protests, minimizing damages and lost caused to the government and entrepreneurs, as well as to individuals, both financially and physically.
Our mobile security barrier has high mobility. It is durable and can deploy and retrieve the concertina razor barrier in 3 to 5 minutes.
The mobile security barrier can be towed by most vehicles with a hook attached to its front and tail.
Concertina razor barrier with maximum barrier length of about 75M.
Our mobile security barrier does not use any motor, engine, battery, etc. to eliminate the concerns for engine failure, battery shortage, or motor breakdown at the times of emergency for vehicle operation. Also, eliminate the worries that the rioters damaging the motor or battery causing fire and explosion.
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